15 minutes of peace

This is shameful – today is the 19th of July and the last post I made was the  12th of May…Hannah doesn’t really allow for much weaving and even less blogging!

Still, I’ve updated my links, been talking to Neki about dyeing as that’s a new idea. Been weaving some place mats, and also been doing a bit of work on a pin loom which has been fun…

More to follow (probably in about 3 months!)


Published by Ruth

I am a native of Ireland, but have been living and weaving between Barcelona and Ireland for over 21 years now; mostly in Barcelona. I studied woven textiles (and dyeing and felting) at Winchester School of Art, UK and have lived and worked in Ireland, UK, Japan and now Spain. Weaving takes up the space in my brain that is not filled with my daughter, son, husband and family - and "grown-up paid non-weaving work"...(the "mortgage paying" kind that takes up most of my time! As well as housework and sundry other things which I usually try to ignore as long as possible).

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