And now for something intellectual – National Geographic in Tweed (no pearls, though)

How tweed became a symbol of Scottish culture | National Geographic I got this in my recommended reading this week. It was lovely to see something on weaving and the culture that keeps it alive – I was bemused by the speedy rounding up of how and why it still prevails today. While it mayContinue reading “And now for something intellectual – National Geographic in Tweed (no pearls, though)”

Just Weaving…again…after a short intermission

kids and work and mortgages and work and cooking and kids…add up to not much time for weaving. Plus Netflix didn’t help (yep, I’m also blaming Netflix for my years of apathy). There’s no point in mentioning Covid as I was in a rut before that came along. I’m hoping I’ve got my groove onContinue reading “Just Weaving…again…after a short intermission”

Amazing Metro Blindness

It’s amazing how people on the metro can not see the large belly of a 24 week pregnant woman (that’s “6 months” to non-pregnant people). Yep – the mind boggles at how these good citizens don’t notice your belly, but can turn around and look at you in annoyance as your handbag brushes up againstContinue reading “Amazing Metro Blindness”

Weaving magic and cooking up a storm…and Hallowe’en too

So we’re at the end of my 4 day weekend and although I didn’t get as much weaving done as  I would have liked, I did get some done. I also spent 2 hours a day in the park, about an hour and a half a day walking around the city (listening to all kindsContinue reading “Weaving magic and cooking up a storm…and Hallowe’en too”

Fairy Princess or Pixie queen…either way I never win

I have a 4 day weekend coming up and I have great plans to get some weaving done. I’ve just finished making a warp, it’s on the loom and I’ve started threading (pics to follow), but I suspect that the company I’ll be keeping on this long Hallowe’en weekend, will ensure that little or noContinue reading “Fairy Princess or Pixie queen…either way I never win”

Wash balls

I bought one of these today – Robby Eco Wash Ball it wasn’t the wash ball I was planning on buying, but while Hannah was at her swimming lesson, I went to the new “Arenas” shopping centre – it used to be one of Barcelona’s bull rings, now it’s been converted to a delux shoppingContinue reading “Wash balls”