The secret to younger looking skin…funny the big beauty brands never tried this one

First, drink some chocolate milk, but make sure that as much as possible get’s all over your face, your upper lip and chin especially.

Then you rub some snot from your nose all over your face and let it dry in – it should leave a kind of slug-like trail across your cheek, and may even spread up to your eye lid. and eye-lashes.

Finally, you refuse to let your mum blow your nose or wipe your face, consequently you’ll have that perfect mix of slightly dried in chocolate milk and solidified snot that gives you that perfect “my skin is 3 years old” look….

Ahhhh, you’re gorgeous!
(I’ll attach a picture when I can stop laughing enough to upload it from my BB).

Been trying to weave, but we’ve been christmas shopping (ARRRGGGHHH), going to the swimming pool (good fun), going out for chocolate milk (and facial snot mixing).

I’m pregnant, I have a cold and Hannah has started school….I have LOTS of excuses!

But I don’t really care if anyone wants a reason for my silence, shit happens – and blogs aren’t top priority when you are throwing up every day, your 3-year-old has hit “toddler-dom”, school, wakeful nights and tantrums all at once…and recently I have a sinus head cold to make me feel like crap.
There have been a couple of other pregnancy related maladies to complain about but I’ll keep those to myself (those who can guess what I’m talking about, can chuckle or commiserate, as they see fit)

But I did manage to fit in some weaving! (HA!)

I may I had started the first of these warps, a scarf, 2 neck warmers and a shawl. They’re off the loom now and being finished as time allows (and as far as I can stay awake in the evenings).  I also bought some gorgeous buttons and silk / viscose lining to finish the neck warmers – luxury a go-go and warm taboot.


WHAT date is it?!

I’ve no idea when I last posted – I’m sure I posted a few things…”in my imagination”…
Never mind. I’ve not stopped running, worrying and weaving since I last posted. I’d wish there was less of the worrying, but then I’d probably be dead, so maybe not – so I’ll not complain too much about that.
To cap it all  it’s bloody boiling in Spain now, it has been boiling since the first week in July and we’ve yet to see what August brings. ARSE. Things can only get hotter, (not better) where the heat in concerned, and there was me having high hopes of a cooler summer after such a lovely raining spring.
Never mind.
Anyway, the hell-like weather aside, I’ve been weaving and weaving and weaving – and I’ve got enough on the boil to keep me going until September. This is excellent and tiring and inspiring and exciting and a wee bit worrying too! (That’s “weaving worrying” something totally aside from “every-day Ruth Worrying”).
I’ve just finished an excellent commission for a fine silk and mercerized cotton scarf. Finished with real semi-precious stones (turquoise, lapis lazuli and amethysts), it has a mind all of its own and bounces and moves with the body when wearing it. A real delight to weave and trim – and now to flip things over, I’ve wound on a 270 inch warp (almost 7 metres!) of hand-dyed cotton and just begun weaving 2 extra place mats and 8 napkins to match a set of 6 place mats I wove for a client 3 years ago. I have to say this project has been in progress for a while now. I had no pictures of the original placemats and had little memory of the colours. So one had to be sent to me as a reminder – then I had to dye up yarns…then the client decided on 2 extra place mats and napkins (and maybe a pot-holder or 2) rather than a 2.5 metre table runner… A new dining table was the culprit in all this, which allowed for 2 more places but didn’t allow (width wise) for a full width table runner. It’s been a long process, but good fun too, as the client really wanted something to match what she had for her new table, but wasn’t sure about the runner.
In the end we worked it out – So – 2 new place mats and 8 napkins, and some pot-holders…and a huge warp, (I was sitting in my nighty at midnight winding it on – I started at 10.30pm and it still wasn’t fully wound at midnight!)
When that is done, there is another scarf commission – this is still in the design process, and we need to work out colours, weight and texture –  It’s fantastic to have such a lovely variety of things in the pipeline and I don’t remember when I’ve had so much fun with continuous and varying projects. And after that linen wash-mitts. You see?! Variety! I have a feeling it will be mid-end September when the linen get’s put on though.
And today heralds the beginning of visitors and travels, basically we are travelling or with visitors every week between now and mid October. Our washing machine and air-con are going to die. Still, it does mean I have an almost endless supply of baby-sitters, so I’m really not complaining at all.

In between all that (yea, I know – life beyond weaving…what’s that!?), we went to Bergerac to visit friends for a long weekend; Hannah has decided that she no longer wants to breast feed – her choice entirely (HURRAH!) at 1 week short of 22 months she shook her head when offered just before bed. That was the end of it. Unfortunately 2 weeks after this lovely evolution she decided that she was not going to bed peacefully any more, and (to up the ante), she was waking up at least once, if not twice / thrice in the night. Leaving all the lights in her room ON when she goes to bed seems to settle her a wee bit more. But it’s been an exhausting 2 weeks. I’m also trying Flower Remedies…basically I’ll try anything! I’ve found that my body and brain don’t function so well on 2 hours sleep.  We’ve no idea what brought about this sudden change, but we’re all having to work through it. I’m praying to any diety who’ll listen that she returns to her cheeky “bugger-off and let me sleep” personality ASAP!

ooohhh, dyeing and the cold

Well as usual,  I’m a big fat slacker and it’s been ages since I wrote something.

Hannah’s started the creche, she has a cold, she’s given it to me, I’m back at work and feeling like poo (with having the cold, not sleeping as I am feeding her and she has the cold so she is not breathing properly and thus doesn’t sleep for very long…) do you see a pattern forming?

Besides all this moaning and lack of sleeping, I’m trying to find a Brompton folding bike to buy second hand, as I’m fed up with public transport. Don’t get me wrong – public transport in Barcelona is very good and good value for money too – but I’ve been here over 9 years and have never had to rely on it – and now the Tokyo style packed metro, or the dithering bus are starting to drive me insane…(this is “Ruth, The Not Very Patient” talking – I’ve only been commuting for 2 weeks now! Prior to moving house, I walked to work every day)…

Oh, and on the subject of weaving, I have another little commission which is keeping me busy between moans!

I am making more placemats, this time in shades of blue and tan for a lovely customer in the US. It’s actually helping me focus on something other than my cold, Hannah’s cold and the “JOY” of being back to proper paid work!  The colours are selected, the cotton has been hanked, and dyed and now I need to wind it into balls and design the warp…Watch this space for updates! (I think I’m actually getting a wee bit of Friday weaving done!)

Hannah Aoife Casey…Strictly speaking, not a weaving project

Well, if anyone other than my mum, sister and a few friends read my blog on a regular basis, then you’ll know that I’ve been more than just a “bit of a slacker” recently – But this excuse is the best yet – really!

On the 8th of October, I went to the hospital for a blood test and was told by the doctor to wait for the results…by 3.30pm that afternoon, my baby girl was delivered by emergency c-section (so much for my great ideas of a natural birth and no painkillers!…HA! Pre-eclampsia can scupper all kinds of plans, but so long as you and the baby survive it, then the plans don’t matter)
And the other piece of weaving news is that I’ve been greatly inspired in the last few days, and am now raring to get weaving again – now my husband just has to help me assemble my loom and find all my yarns in the packing crates…oh yes – did I mention that we also moved house the same week as we had a baby?

My friend Birgitta (another weaver) delivered her baby boy Quiran Magnus one week after Hannah – Now we’re just waiting on Nula of Noolibird and Lyanne in Malaysia

Holy Cow, Batman! (or something like that)

What a month!

I can’t believe it’s now the 25th of September…tomorrow is a good friend’s birthday, and I almost forgot; I’m 35 weeks pregnant with a Spacehopper for a belly; I was told 2 weeks ago that I had “signs of pre-eclampsia” and had to take it easy (HA!…try moving house, being heavily pregnant and finishing a project at work, while “taking it easy” – that phrase alone stressed me out!); I was awarded something lovely about my blog from another weaver (It’s even nicer to see that someone other than my mum read’s my blog!!); I got a message from another BCN weaver and my friend Silvia just told me about another beautiful exhibition in the city – Alphonse Mucha en the Caixa Forum (see images above). All of this from the comfort of my own sofa, with my feet up on the coffee table – you have to love the internet!

Actually, I’m going a bit crazy already and thinking of starting to knit something as I’ve been told that “taking it easy” includes “no weaving”.
I should point out here that my knitting skills are dubious, to say the least. I’m a weaver, not a knitter, and although I know the theory of knitting (i.e.,  plain, pearl and “what you do with knitting needles to make those stitches”) I’m not altogether sure I’d produce anything that wouldn’t be shameful to look at!  For beautiful knits, look at these from Perfectamity on Etsy – (I was just making lots of “ooohhhhh” noises when I saw them). My mum has knit and crocheted clothes for our soon-to-arrive new family member – she’s one of those people who can knit / crochet an entire baby’s wardrobe while watching an old movie on TV, never miss a stitch and then russle up some booties or a hat out of “the odd wee end bits of wool left over”…mmmmm, I’m feeling any potential knitting project from me is doomed before I even start! (eh, did I also mention I can’t read a knitting pattern?)
SOOO, my grand plan is to knit some mitten style things (without thumbs) – how hard can that be? – then see if I can make it to some kind of booties or a hat. I used to love knitting dolls clothes (about 30 years ago!), so maybe I’ll manage something for my own baby! If not, at least it will keep me busy on the sofa with my feet up for a wee while…and my mum can unravel the wool and make something useful if it really is atrocious!

Oh, and I have a baby’s bedroom to design…actually I’ve got loads to do – I just need to stop blathering and get on with something.

Coconut Soap

I’ve turned into a big slacker of a blogger recently – Well, a lot has been going on, (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) Building works in our new apartment, a baby on the way, the “dilema” of what buggy to buy, (that’s resolved actually – Boots had a offer on the Maclaren 4 Seasons, and it took us no time to get it ordered and delivered to my parents, thanks to my brother and sister who have bought it for us.)
And then there is my weaving…
I have 2 scarves that need finishing – the worst part of any weaving project for me is the finishing and so I’ll find any distraction to keep me from getting off my bum and just doing that hemming, fringing etc…SO the latest distraction was finding “Coconut Soap” – “Jabon de coco” in what is called “The 100 pesetas shop”. Pesetas no longer exist as a unit of money, but old habits die hard, and calling shops “The 70cents shop” sounds a bit weird.
Anyway, back to coconut soap – has anyone else heard of this or used it? I’m very curious! It says on the wrapper that it’s for delicates – silk and wool. I’m very curious to try it, but still have a linen warp on and nothing of wool or silk which needs washing right now, but I’d love to hear from anyone who uses this.

Silky silky…and the baby-buggy flipflop

raw silk
raw silk

When we were home a few weeks ago, my sister gave me some raw silk which she’d picked up in a wool shop in Cavan, where she lives. It’s beautiful, and I’ve been trying to work out what to do with it that will do it justice, but there’s an irony here; The silk was bought in Ireland, and is produced by an Irish yarn manufacturer (Tivoli)…but the label says the silk is originally from Spain…and now where is it? Back in Spain!

I’ve been a shameful blogger and just as bad an Etsy-ier recently. I have only got around to putting up a table runner I made 3 weeks ago on Etsy, and I have another scarf I need to put up and I have to send off one which was commissioned. I have a beautiful linen warp that sits languishing and a lot of ideas running through my head about what to do with it, AND what to do next…So…what have I been doing rather than my beloved weaving???? mmmm, looking at prams (or “push chairs” / “strollers” / “baby buggies”…whatever you call them in your part of the world!)
This is a dangerous subject I’ve discovered. Some people think dropping a grand is “de riguer” for a pram that will last 3 – 6 months, weighs 15 kilos without the baby, needs to be ordered 2 months in advanced to get the colour you want and costs another 2 or 3 grand to get all the extra “bits” that go with it. And then there’s people, (like my husband and myself), who are not sure if, after spending 3 grand on a pram, it also comes with an anti-nuclear bunker, built in wide-screen tv and a lifetime guarantee that your baby will never get a scratch on him/her, AND grow up to be a doctor / lawyer / accountant, who will support you in old age…
mmm, I’ve gone off on one, but you get my point.
After a great deal of research and listening to a load of old cobblers we seem to have settled on the practicalities and reliability of a Maclaren. We still can’t really decide between which of the 3 “new born” options we should go for, but at least the major deliberation is over, and I can get back to weaving! (The next drama will be finding where to buy the exact one we want in Spain. God help us!)

PS to this…I think we’ve settled on a Maclaren “4 Seasons” Woohoo!!…Aeronautically engineered baby buggies meet Vivaldi…now, we just need to find where to buy one in Spain.

More on the Mohair…and a baby or two…or 3!

Well what a few weeks!
More place mats woven (and awaiting hemming, washing – oh sorry, “Wet finishing”, photographing and posting on Etsy ). The mohair shawl was washed, finished, fluffed up and photographed. I had thought of putting it on Etsy, but ended up speaking to my friend Nula of Noolibird, and she persuaded me to try NOTHS, so that is where it has been listed, on “Not On The High Street” of the UK, just to see what the results are.
Anyway – to cut a long story short, it turns out Nula and I are both pregnant to more or less the same degree! I’d planned on telling her that I’d be wanting to buy some of her cot quilts, babygros and baby pjs…but being very Irish (and superstitious), there’s no naming or buying things until it’s out and healthy

and we can see it’s got all the fingers and toes etc it should have.

Noolibird babygro and pjsNoolibird babygroNoolibird Baby cot quilt - fairies
To make matters even more amusing, another friend in Germany (another weaver) is also pregnant…due 5 days before me – ha! Full moon’s have a lot to answer for!
My mum (who’s a retired midwife) says accidents happen in threes!!!