Gallery of older Weaves

I thought it was time to actually start putting images up here. I hope to be able to add more in the next few days weeks months or years (who was I trying to kid!) as I find some more pictures of old and recent projects.
In the meantime, the page “My Etsy Weaves” has supplementary images of the making process and final product for items I’m listing on Etsy.

I am happy to share my ideas but please don’t steal anything!

woven-ribbon-cushions.jpg woven-cushion-blue.jpg baby-quilt.jpg


This was a scarf woven over 15 years ago for a friend in Wales. It is maked from hand-dyed cotton chenille and bronze lurex with a black nylon filiment weft. The result is a very light, flowing scarf.


And then some heavy samples and wrap from sampling done 7 years go. The threads are recycled silk, chenille, aran wool and linen


And the oldest to date – This sample is from 16 years ago, when I started my obsession with double cloth and blocks (and it hasn’t really changed since!)


OK, so I lied – this is about more than just weaving if you include “the things you do when your loom is out of action”. I found myself with no working loom for several months, (see also the woven ribbon cushions and baby blanket above), and decided that lamp making would be my solace.

Ceiling Rose with a difference

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