How domesticated am I!???

Eh, no – I didn’t do any “housework” really, but I did make a carrot cake that turned out rather delicious, I finished one warp, finished beading another scarf and started another… this one has to be called “The big blue” there are no other words for it!                Continue reading “How domesticated am I!???”

Potty Training, head colds and warping

It’s been one of those weekends and it’s not over yet: We started potty training yesterday – after 4 pairs of knickers in less than an hour I was dispairing of the whole thing, and started thinking that Carrefour nappies weren’t so expensive, and we could pay for them until she was about 8 withoutContinue reading “Potty Training, head colds and warping”

WHAT date is it?!

I’ve no idea when I last posted – I’m sure I posted a few things…”in my imagination”… Never mind. I’ve not stopped running, worrying and weaving since I last posted. I’d wish there was less of the worrying, but then I’d probably be dead, so maybe not – so I’ll not complain too much aboutContinue reading “WHAT date is it?!”

Watermelon Cotton

Well, just as I was getting used to sitting on the sofa looking at Ikea kitchens online and grumbling about the “consumer society” approach to buying things for new babies, I was nicely brought back to weaving by a lady from Australia – I never thought when I first made a set of place matsContinue reading “Watermelon Cotton”

Friday the 13th and a bit of brain fever

Anyone out there ever read any books (or listened to any radio) set in the Victorian / Edwardian era??? Anyone out there have any clue what the hell “Brain fever” actually is / was? Well, I kinda think I’ve got a bit of brain fever, as I’ve been itching to design some new things…This mightContinue reading “Friday the 13th and a bit of brain fever”

Table Mats…Can’t think of a catchy title!

Well, I’ve not been online for a while, which makes me look like a slacker…I’ve got a very good excuse, really I do! My cotton warp is made and on the loom and have started weaving. The colours are based on colour forecasts for Summer 2008 for interiors, beautiful powder pinks, fleshy tones, pale greenContinue reading “Table Mats…Can’t think of a catchy title!”

Temporary Insanity (at least I hope it’s temporary!)

So…I reacted to my wooly feelings and went a bit plain with my linen – great stuff, good results: Then, I seemed to hit some kind of Spagetti Junction loop and decided on Friday, (yes..that would be “Friday Weaving”), that I should use some of the lovely mohair I had, along with some of theContinue reading “Temporary Insanity (at least I hope it’s temporary!)”

The (Linen) bit in the middle

Well, after what seems like “my year of wool” (in fact it was only 4 months!), I knew I’d be heading for a reaction, and it came in the form of linen last weekend. Out with the winter wool, and in with the spring linen. I wanted to do something relatively quick and satisfying, so IContinue reading “The (Linen) bit in the middle”

And there’s more…On the latest project

I should be getting off my bum and actually doing some more weaving, but I’ve managed to thread-up, reed, tie-on and get weaving in a relatively short period of time, (given that I’ve got a paying Day Job that gets in the way of weaving). I’ve made the warp long enough to weave two scarvesContinue reading “And there’s more…On the latest project”