And shake it all loose…

You know when you’ve just finished your step or aerobics class (way back in the day, when I actually did something other than running after a baby for exercise!), and they tell you to “take a deep breath, and shake it all loose”? – Well, that’s what I need to do weaving-wise. Something with “no-stress”Continue reading “And shake it all loose…”

Revolution or Evolution – but definately not involving Handwoven

Well, something that dragged me away from feeding Hannah or singing the annoying repeat of her Fisherprice train – the latest edition of Handwoven magazine – Warning – this is a long rant! This arrived a few days ago – if anyone from the US reads this, they’ll be thinking that’s a bit strange, IContinue reading “Revolution or Evolution – but definately not involving Handwoven”

The curse of the too-fast time machine, bog cotton and lots of reeds

I’m sure that’s what the problem is! One day it’s Friday the 13th of June, the next it’s July the 11th, my belly is getting big (I’m 24 weeks pregnant, so I think I’m allowed to have a relatively large belly…) and someone turned the heat up in Barcelona! Talk about time flying! I’ve stillContinue reading “The curse of the too-fast time machine, bog cotton and lots of reeds”