Holy Cow, Batman! (or something like that)

What a month! I can’t believe it’s now the 25th of September…tomorrow is a good friend’s birthday, and I almost forgot; I’m 35 weeks pregnant with a Spacehopper for a belly; I was told 2 weeks ago that I had “signs of pre-eclampsia” and had to take it easy (HA!…try moving house, being heavily pregnantContinue reading “Holy Cow, Batman! (or something like that)”

Hiroshige, some geisha, a big wave and a plate full of paella

Hot and sticky Barcelona can be, well, hot and sticky! Things have not been too bad this summer, but as we are in August and we are still no closer to moving into our new apartment for the summer, (long and painful story), we decided to go out for stroll on Sunday to find some ice-cream andContinue reading “Hiroshige, some geisha, a big wave and a plate full of paella”