More Wool, a bit of Linen, Dobby heads and Curry

Superquick update: I’ve been weaving with wool; Neki needs some linen (and I’ve got shed loads of the stuff); Neki says she just “found” a random dobby head in her studio; (1. how big does your studio have to be to just have a dobby head lying around and 2. Rub it in why don’tContinue reading “More Wool, a bit of Linen, Dobby heads and Curry”

Puffin Chunks and Cream of Pork Pie Soup…

It’s been another whirlwind few weeks, and I’ve been all over the place – both physically and emotionally. Hannah and I went back to Ireland for my Goddaugher’s Confirmation, we had a lovely few days that included a spontaneous family gathering of 9 adults and 3 children…a very heartwarming affair – Hannah decided that sheContinue reading “Puffin Chunks and Cream of Pork Pie Soup…”

The week that was (and it did include some weaving)

So, I’m now addicted to “Gavin and Stacey” (Lush!), there was a blizzard in Barcelona on Monday (Not so Lush – I’m really NOT exagerating), we ordered a new bed (a fancy, “lift up” Pikolin thingie), and I got around to doing some weaving…And the results were not as expected. The column on the leftContinue reading “The week that was (and it did include some weaving)”

And so the next generation moves in…

She wanted up onto my lap when I was weaving, took the stick shuttle off me and starting sticking it into the warp – a tad agressively, so that she broke 2 of my warp ends, but still – I was wetting myself laughing – she was so serious about it – I’m hoping the time will comeContinue reading “And so the next generation moves in…”

No snazzy title…can’t think of one!

It’s been a crazy few weeks – with tummy bugs, and a lovely commission and now teething is upsetting the routine of threading up a sample warp  – I’m not sure that I have actually had any weaving “routine” since Hannah arrived, but I like to delude myself into making lists of “things I amContinue reading “No snazzy title…can’t think of one!”

Another long gap

I had such grand plans to update this during the Christmas holidays – and here I am, back in Barcelona, after 3 weeks of Ireland and Derbyshire, and I am sitting in front of a computer again for the first time in that whole period…It’s been a bit hectic with Hannah being ill (one tripContinue reading “Another long gap”