Silky silky…and the baby-buggy flipflop

raw silk
raw silk

When we were home a few weeks ago, my sister gave me some raw silk which she’d picked up in a wool shop in Cavan, where she lives. It’s beautiful, and I’ve been trying to work out what to do with it that will do it justice, but there’s an irony here; The silk was bought in Ireland, and is produced by an Irish yarn manufacturer (Tivoli)…but the label says the silk is originally from Spain…and now where is it? Back in Spain!

I’ve been a shameful blogger and just as bad an Etsy-ier recently. I have only got around to putting up a table runner I made 3 weeks ago on Etsy, and I have another scarf I need to put up and I have to send off one which was commissioned. I have a beautiful linen warp that sits languishing and a lot of ideas running through my head about what to do with it, AND what to do next…So…what have I been doing rather than my beloved weaving???? mmmm, looking at prams (or “push chairs” / “strollers” / “baby buggies”…whatever you call them in your part of the world!)
This is a dangerous subject I’ve discovered. Some people think dropping a grand is “de riguer” for a pram that will last 3 – 6 months, weighs 15 kilos without the baby, needs to be ordered 2 months in advanced to get the colour you want and costs another 2 or 3 grand to get all the extra “bits” that go with it. And then there’s people, (like my husband and myself), who are not sure if, after spending 3 grand on a pram, it also comes with an anti-nuclear bunker, built in wide-screen tv and a lifetime guarantee that your baby will never get a scratch on him/her, AND grow up to be a doctor / lawyer / accountant, who will support you in old age…
mmm, I’ve gone off on one, but you get my point.
After a great deal of research and listening to a load of old cobblers we seem to have settled on the practicalities and reliability of a Maclaren. We still can’t really decide between which of the 3 “new born” options we should go for, but at least the major deliberation is over, and I can get back to weaving! (The next drama will be finding where to buy the exact one we want in Spain. God help us!)

PS to this…I think we’ve settled on a Maclaren “4 Seasons” Woohoo!!…Aeronautically engineered baby buggies meet Vivaldi…now, we just need to find where to buy one in Spain.


More on the Mohair…and a baby or two…or 3!

Well what a few weeks!
More place mats woven (and awaiting hemming, washing – oh sorry, “Wet finishing”, photographing and posting on Etsy ). The mohair shawl was washed, finished, fluffed up and photographed. I had thought of putting it on Etsy, but ended up speaking to my friend Nula of Noolibird, and she persuaded me to try NOTHS, so that is where it has been listed, on “Not On The High Street” of the UK, just to see what the results are.
Anyway – to cut a long story short, it turns out Nula and I are both pregnant to more or less the same degree! I’d planned on telling her that I’d be wanting to buy some of her cot quilts, babygros and baby pjs…but being very Irish (and superstitious), there’s no naming or buying things until it’s out and healthy

and we can see it’s got all the fingers and toes etc it should have.

Noolibird babygro and pjsNoolibird babygroNoolibird Baby cot quilt - fairies
To make matters even more amusing, another friend in Germany (another weaver) is also pregnant…due 5 days before me – ha! Full moon’s have a lot to answer for!
My mum (who’s a retired midwife) says accidents happen in threes!!!