The (Linen) bit in the middle

Well, after what seems like “my year of wool” (in fact it was only 4 months!), I knew I’d be heading for a reaction, and it came in the form of linen last weekend. Out with the winter wool, and in with the spring linen. I wanted to do something relatively quick and satisfying, so IContinue reading “The (Linen) bit in the middle”

Colm and the dragon’s, (fluffy, tufty,) teeth

It’s Saturday again – it felt like it took a year to get to this Saturday, but I’m sure it will be Monday before I know it. Luckily, it only took me 15 minutes to put my latest scarf up on Etsy, and (so far) it hasn’t taken too long to get images up onContinue reading “Colm and the dragon’s, (fluffy, tufty,) teeth”

The Great Green-ness

My husband has just been commenting on the prevalence of green in my recent designs (scarves both on and off the loom)…mmm, this is true. But what can I say – “Green” is like air (as far as I’m concerned)! How do you exist without “GREEN”??? (Besides, green’s in the colour forecasts for autumn /Continue reading “The Great Green-ness”

And there’s more…On the latest project

I should be getting off my bum and actually doing some more weaving, but I’ve managed to thread-up, reed, tie-on and get weaving in a relatively short period of time, (given that I’ve got a paying Day Job that gets in the way of weaving). I’ve made the warp long enough to weave two scarvesContinue reading “And there’s more…On the latest project”

Friday Weaving and a rainy day

I read the phrase “Friday Weaving” on Sweet Georgia’s blog site a while ago, and it made me feel the weekend approaching! Between the time I finish my grown-up work and the time we head out to buy tonight’s dinner, (as Friday food is always a take away), I’ll be “Friday Weaving”…Well “Friday Threading” as I’veContinue reading “Friday Weaving and a rainy day”

The latest Project (and the best excuse for not doing the ironing)

It’s not that I get around to doing the ironing more than once every 2 months anyway, but I’ve currently got the “Leaning Tower of Ironing” hiding in the wardrobe and after receiving a small commission on Friday evening, it’s probably going to need to be rewashed before it gets anywhere close to an iron.Continue reading “The latest Project (and the best excuse for not doing the ironing)”

This is just about weaving!…And everything that surrounds it

I pestered my husband to help me come up with what I should call my blog (this is a big step for me), and after several suggestions, (“Weave Chimp” was one I discounted), he asked “so what will your blog be about?” – my response was “JUST WEAVING!”…hence, this is all this blog will beContinue reading “This is just about weaving!…And everything that surrounds it”