The sniffy nose

I have a sharp sense of smell at the best of times, but pregnancy seems to augment this sense…off the chart in fact – to the point where you can smell an ant’s fart from 100 paces…And I have a head cold right now!

Ironically, I seem to have become re-attached to 2 perfumes by Guerlain that I’ve had at home and hardly used in the past year or so – L’instant Magic and L’instant de Guerlain, now – “PUFF”, they are back in my nose’s good books. But neither of them are exactly subtle.
They smell like Japan on a warm summer evening to me (eh, not a city, more of a “floral countryside” warm summer evening – before anyone makes a smart comment),  an intoxicating mix of jasmin and orange blossom that I could happily sniff at all day.  Like a young girls’ yukata come to life in gorgeous rich, vivid floweryness. The L’instant de Guerlain is slightly lighter in scent…I wish there was some kind of Blog option for Scratch-and-sniff.
I have a little cloth beside my loom with some perfume on it…I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting addicted to it – but without a doubt, these scents are influencing my current colour pallet.

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