Puffin Chunks and Cream of Pork Pie Soup…

It’s been another whirlwind few weeks, and I’ve been all over the place – both physically and emotionally. Hannah and I went back to Ireland for my Goddaugher’s Confirmation, we had a lovely few days that included a spontaneous family gathering of 9 adults and 3 children…a very heartwarming affair – Hannah decided that she wasn’t too happy about me disappearing for most of the day during the confirmation and “acted up” (to put it mildly); no weaving got done, despite my best intentions and a dressed loom (in Ireland), and now that we are back in Barcelona I find myself facing the long weekend and stuck in a bit of a rut…I have a glimmering feeling of  what I want to do with my wool sample warp now, but I don’t seem to have more than 30 minutes in a row to sit down to it, and I need longer to get my brain to kick into gear…

And so, for my precious daily hour or so of peace and tranquility after dinner,  I’ve been lying on the sofa watching Gavin & Stacey or 15 Storeys and feeling…in a rut…I have been looking for inspiration but coming up blank, and as a result I seem to have spent more time cooking and re-organizing the apartment (and trips to Ikea)…I am the Master Procrastinator when inspiration deserts me – I’ll do anything (except ironing) to not face my loom, especially when I know that the only time I really can face it is after 10pm at night or in 15 minute chunks.

I think maybe a walk around the fashion district of BCN or a few gallery visits are necessary this weekend; something to crank up my inspiration…I’m also feeling the need to talk to Neki (my BCN Weave Buddy) – perhaps she can give me the kick up the bum I need.

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