No snazzy title…can’t think of one!

It’s been a crazy few weeks – with tummy bugs, and a lovely commission and now teething is upsetting the routine of threading up a sample warp  – I’m not sure that I have actually had any weaving “routine” since Hannah arrived, but I like to delude myself into making lists of “things I am going to do this week”…my parents bought me a notebook for makings my lists for Christmas – it says on the front “Queen of Denial” – how sadly true that is.

So back to my commission and my current warp – Wool is the Way to Go right now. I had a glorious commission for a pure wool scarf that was fun to design and a pleasure to weave. Luckily my basic little Harris has a double back beam, so the wool I  had warped and wound on for a sample warp could wait it out on the other beam, while I got on with the scarf.  Another comedy discover of myself this week is that when I get up to feed H at 4am I seem to have loads of ideas for lifting plans or drafts or “how could I set up my loom to get an effect like…” – I can’t decide if this is sad or amusing. You’d think at 38 years old I’d be fully aware of all my stupidities. Aparently not. Needless to say, after feeding her, I DON’T make lists…I return to bed, like a good, zombified breastfeeding mother…and spend the first half hour at work the next day trying to remember what it was I thought was such a brilliant idea at 4am.

Anyway, my current sample warp is pure lambs wool, undyed, and it’s long. The plan is to weave a few samples with one threading, cut off, rethread & reed and then start again. It’s been a long time since I wove for the experimental fun of it, and it’s about time I got back to it. Etsy is fun, but I don’t weave for money, I weave for the love of it, and it’s time I invested my time more that way.


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