Hannah Aoife Casey…Strictly speaking, not a weaving project

Well, if anyone other than my mum, sister and a few friends read my blog on a regular basis, then you’ll know that I’ve been more than just a “bit of a slacker” recently – But this excuse is the best yet – really!

On the 8th of October, I went to the hospital for a blood test and was told by the doctor to wait for the results…by 3.30pm that afternoon, my baby girl was delivered by emergency c-section (so much for my great ideas of a natural birth and no painkillers!…HA! Pre-eclampsia can scupper all kinds of plans, but so long as you and the baby survive it, then the plans don’t matter)
And the other piece of weaving news is that I’ve been greatly inspired in the last few days, and am now raring to get weaving again – now my husband just has to help me assemble my loom and find all my yarns in the packing crates…oh yes – did I mention that we also moved house the same week as we had a baby?

My friend Birgitta (another weaver) delivered her baby boy Quiran Magnus one week after Hannah – Now we’re just waiting on Nula of Noolibird and Lyanne in Malaysia


Published by Ruth

I am a native of Ireland, but have been living and weaving between Barcelona and Ireland for over 21 years now; mostly in Barcelona. I studied woven textiles (and dyeing and felting) at Winchester School of Art, UK and have lived and worked in Ireland, UK, Japan and now Spain. Weaving takes up the space in my brain that is not filled with my daughter, son, husband and family - and "grown-up paid non-weaving work"...(the "mortgage paying" kind that takes up most of my time! As well as housework and sundry other things which I usually try to ignore as long as possible).

3 thoughts on “Hannah Aoife Casey…Strictly speaking, not a weaving project

  1. Congratulations! And welcome Hannah, it’s lovely to meet you! I hope you are both enjoying some quality time in your new home; every infant should learn loom assembly in the first weeks of life – the world would then surely be a much better place 🙂

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