Coconut Soap

I’ve turned into a big slacker of a blogger recently – Well, a lot has been going on, (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) Building works in our new apartment, a baby on the way, the “dilema” of what buggy to buy, (that’s resolved actually – Boots had a offer on the Maclaren 4 Seasons, and it took us no time to get it ordered and delivered to my parents, thanks to my brother and sister who have bought it for us.)
And then there is my weaving…
I have 2 scarves that need finishing – the worst part of any weaving project for me is the finishing and so I’ll find any distraction to keep me from getting off my bum and just doing that hemming, fringing etc…SO the latest distraction was finding “Coconut Soap” – “Jabon de coco” in what is called “The 100 pesetas shop”. Pesetas no longer exist as a unit of money, but old habits die hard, and calling shops “The 70cents shop” sounds a bit weird.
Anyway, back to coconut soap – has anyone else heard of this or used it? I’m very curious! It says on the wrapper that it’s for delicates – silk and wool. I’m very curious to try it, but still have a linen warp on and nothing of wool or silk which needs washing right now, but I’d love to hear from anyone who uses this.

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