Hiroshige, some geisha, a big wave and a plate full of paella

Hot and sticky Barcelona can be, well, hot and sticky! Things have not been too bad this summer, but as we are in August and we are still no closer to moving into our new apartment for the summer, (long and painful story), we decided to go out for stroll on Sunday to find some ice-cream and an exhibition to visit. I have to say my luck was quadruply in. We went to an exhibition in the Pedrera (Casa Mila).
1. The exhibition was of Japanese woodblock artists and prints from the 17th – 19th Century, on loan from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (some of the most beautiful art in the world, and definitely my favourite after 2 years living in Japan).
2. It was in the Pedrera, one of the most beautiful Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.
3. It was free and fully air-conditioned!! (actually, that might have to count at two)
4. I had a very large turron and chocolate ice-cream on the way home…The evening was topped off as Matt made me Paella…Actually I should say that it turned out to be a blissful Sunday! (Matt’s Paella recipe)
The exhibition is beautiful – there is no other word for it, so anyone planning on visiting the city of Barcelona any time between now and the middle of September, should try to take advantage of the beautiful images, the beautiful building and the beautifully free aircon that goes with this exhibition!


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