Friday the 13th and a bit of brain fever

Anyone out there ever read any books (or listened to any radio) set in the Victorian / Edwardian era??? Anyone out there have any clue what the hell “Brain fever” actually is / was? Well, I kinda think I’ve got a bit of brain fever, as I’ve been itching to design some new things…This might sounds silly, or even simple, but I’m not very good at “down periods” so I try to keep something on my loom at all times.

A new warp for a table runner is about to go on, with a lovely new colour selection based on the southern Mediterranean…Think aqua blue sea and ceramic glazes; White villages (Santorini and Andalucia); terracota pots; green olives. But this is my “filler warp” while my brain gets into gear to come up with something else. Unfortunately for my husband this is always quite a messy process… you won’t be able to see the floor in the living room, and you can forget the idea of doing any housework this weekend!

OH, yes – and it’s been a pretty disastrous Friday the 13th…no chainsaw massacres but one of those days when just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

One thought on “Friday the 13th and a bit of brain fever

  1. Ah yes, poor Captain Crewe and the diamond mines! I loved Frances Hodgson Burnett, but I never did understand what “brain fever” could be. Now I’m inclined to think of cerebral malaria. Not nearly as picturesque-sounding, is it?

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