Actually that would be a baby or 4…and some more place mats

Lots of babies! Today I spoke to some friends in Malaysia, and discovered that they are also expecting a baby! What’s kind of interesting about all this is that we’re all somewhere between 16 – 20 weeks pregnant and we’ve all only just fessed up in the past couple of weeks.
As well as Nula’s baby bedroom kit I’ve also been thinking of weaving a ribbon cot quilt…my sister got me onto that idea again – I wove one several years ago for friends and am now wondering about the merits of making some more. Although there is plenty of time left, I recall it was quite an arduous task, so I might have to get my thinking cap on.
Ok, Over to this week’s labours – more place mats. I found another colour forecast for interiors summer 2008 – this time with very rich warm colours, vivid reds, cerises, blue, yellow and shades of green. “Sophisticated Lego” could be a tag for it (if such a colour scheme exists!) – I’ve put the placemats on Etsy and “My Etsy Weaves


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