Dracula and a Mouthful of Mohair…the temporary insanity comes to an end

Woohoo, I’ve finished it! The Mohair has left the loom!
That didn’t take half as long as I thought it would, all my hair is still in my head (i.e., I didn’t tear it all out) and it’s all down to Dracula and Mort on BBC Radio7…Nothing like having something good to listen to, to keep you working.
Now comes the part I both love and dread – “The Finishing” (that could be a horror title in its own right). Fringes to twist, ends to sew in and washing and fluffing-up to be done (I can’t believe I’m saying I need to FLUFF this weave). 
Coming soon to this loom: It’s home dyed cotton  (a bit like going back to branflakes after you splurged on a week of full Irish breakfasts)


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