Temporary Insanity (at least I hope it’s temporary!)

So…I reacted to my wooly feelings and went a bit plain with my linen – great stuff, good results: Then, I seemed to hit some kind of Spagetti Junction loop and decided on Friday, (yes..that would be “Friday Weaving”), that I should use some of the lovely mohair I had, along with some of the even lovelier mohair / wool bouclé that I have, based on the colour forecasts I’d seen.
Well, may God help me (because no one else will), I must have gone completely INSANE! I should have given the mohair to my mum or sister, they knit!

Some photos of this mind-boggling fluffy warp

Mohair fluff from hell fluff a gogo and it get\'s fluffier

It’s threaded, reeded and weaving now, and it’s actually “felting” itself on the loom just by the weaving action. I have no one to blame but myself, I knew this would happen, it’s not like I haven’t woven with mohair before! But somehow the “Mohair Pixie” comes along, gives you amnesia regarding your experience with previous mohair warps and convinces you that a mohair warp would be a grand affair altogether…mmmm…plain weave linen sounds like heaven right now.


One thought on “Temporary Insanity (at least I hope it’s temporary!)

  1. Ruth, I had a warp like that once. I’m so sorry. You’ll get through it. I think I read somewhere you could try spraying it with something your could later wash out. Didn’t sound really workable the more I thought about it, so I just gutted it out.

    Nice colors. Best of luck!


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