Colm and the dragon’s, (fluffy, tufty,) teeth

It’s Saturday again – it felt like it took a year to get to this Saturday, but I’m sure it will be Monday before I know it. Luckily, it only took me 15 minutes to put my latest scarf up on Etsy, and (so far) it hasn’t taken too long to get images up on wordpress today…mmm, something’s bound to go wrong somewhere!

Colm” is the latest addition to Etsy – and while the real Colm is either recovering from a night out at Dundalk races or on his way to Shannon, his scarf name-sake is having it’s label sewn in and its washing instructions printed out. The sample version of this scarf was called “Colm’s dragon teeth” as the tufts were combed up to sit out more, but the full version recently off the loom hasn’t been given such pointy little “spud grinders” (as they would say in Hancock’s Half hour!).
More images on My Etsy Weaves page


One thought on “Colm and the dragon’s, (fluffy, tufty,) teeth

  1. Wow, great you’ve been working on this! Funny your brother is also involved in this a little bit. Does he know?
    Beautiful scarves (and a nice model you’ve found!).

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