Friday Weaving and a rainy day

I read the phrase “Friday Weaving” on Sweet Georgia’s blog site a while ago, and it made me feel the weekend approaching! Between the time I finish my grown-up work and the time we head out to buy tonight’s dinner, (as Friday food is always a take away), I’ll be “Friday Weaving”…Well “Friday Threading” as I’ve got 410 ends to thread up and reed before a weft thread comes along.
On an aside note, it looks like it might start raining – a rare treat in Barcelona. The city is heading for a drought with water supplies at only 20% and we’re not anywhere close to July or August yet. I’m praying the heavens open and it bins it down all weekend (but I doubt too many other people feel the same way about torrential rain!)


Published by Ruth

I am a native of Ireland, but have been living and weaving between Barcelona and Ireland for over 21 years now; mostly in Barcelona. I studied woven textiles (and dyeing and felting) at Winchester School of Art, UK and have lived and worked in Ireland, UK, Japan and now Spain. Weaving takes up the space in my brain that is not filled with my daughter, son, husband and family - and "grown-up paid non-weaving work"...(the "mortgage paying" kind that takes up most of my time! As well as housework and sundry other things which I usually try to ignore as long as possible).

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