Background Noise

Recently I seem to be finding a lot of references to people listening to WeaveCast whilst they are weaving, in fact I received my latest installment today which made me think about it. I have to confess, although I love listening to these, I don’t actually listen to them when I’m weaving. For about 2 years now, I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 7 online, and when I run out of things there, I move to Radio 4 and Radio Ulster (also of the BBC). I sound like some kind of ad for BBC Radio! but I’ve looked around and haven’t found anything to beat it. I never thought I’d spend my weekends and evenings listening to Agatha Christie, Tintin or Sherlock Holmes, followed by some political comedy on Radio Ulster or Radio 4, but I’m starting to think I’ve moved into “granny-dom” already, where I look forward to “Hancock’s Half Hour” on Tuesday evenings!

I feel better for saying that! I was feeling like a traitor – but what can I say…I don’t listen to WeaveCast whilst weaving, I don’t have a cat and I can’t be bothered with tie-ups or peddles (yea, I know, tantamount to heresy for a weaver).


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